Video: GeoSnapShot, who are we?

  1. Anytime, anywhere, anyone. GeoSnapShot is a sales platform anyone can use to share or sell their photos.
  2. We’ve gone global! You can now use GeoSnapShot to upload and sell your photos from anywhere in the world.
  3. Anyone can upload: Attend an event, upload your fabulous photos, and you’ll be paid for any you sell.
  4. You don’t need to be a professional. Anyone is welcome to upload photos to sell on GeoSnapShot.
  5. Our photographers. Every weekend there are millions of photographers who capture memories of people’s lives. Many of these photos never get shared with participants and a great memory is lost forever. We inspire and support thousands of photographers that simply love taking photos.
  6. Price of photos. Photographers can choose to share their photos for free or sell the photos for any price they wish. Photographers are paid 70% for any photos they sell, making money from their hobby.
  7. Not just sports photography. GeoSnapShot supports all types of sporting events including; equestrian, running, cycling, soccer, little athletics and gymnastics. Sports are the tip of the iceberg: Anyone can use GeoSnapShot as their photo-sharing and sales platform for any type of photography.
  8. Fundraise through photography. GeoSnapShot is used by schools and charities to fundraise from photo sales. For more info on how to fundraise see our website or contact us.
  9. Password protection. Photos from any event can be password protected. You can only view and purchase the photos if you have the password set by the event organiser.
  10. Registration is free! Anyone can register as a photographer and upload photos. There is no charge to register or upload.