A day in the life of an event organiser…

Specifically, a volunteer committee member in charge of promoting their sports club, competition, or specific charity events.

Scheduled the event, planned for activities, ordered merchandise, liaised with everyone involved to make sure it is on the right track – but we haven’t even got around to getting people to come yet!

It’s tough. It’s time-consuming, I know, but it’s worth it!

You might be hosting a sports event for charity, just picked up a new sponsor or it’s grand final day for your U9’s netball team.

These events should be celebrated, and you want as many people to attend as possible because sport is what builds stronger communities.

Sharing memories of that grand final win, capturing that game-changing play, being able to tell your kids – that was me back in the day 😉

The last things you have to organise are photographers, uploading photos and editing them. Or if you are a very small committee, YOU are also the photographer!


As one of these volunteer committee members myself, I can attest to how time is my biggest competition.

That’s where GeoSnapShot come in handy! As a league we run multiple rounds in areas all over Sydney, hosting over 800 members per weekend. Usually, game days run from 10am – 10pm, to capture photos from all these, plus playing and coaching each weekend would be impossible.

Gridiron NSW uses GeoSnapShot to arrange photographers at all venues every weekend. We reached out to the photographers in our community who were already doing photos for their clubs, with an offer to earn some money from their photography through photos sold each weekend.

These photographers now are providing the league with valuable promotional material to use on flyers, social media and advertising.

UNSW Raiders v Northern Sydney Rebels
Photo by Alfr3d Wong Photography

The hardest thing for me was to have images to share from all of our clubs to help them recruit and to raise their awareness- plus give back some recognition. It was always the same stock photos or ones from 7 years ago that were being used. Not very effective!!

GeoSnapShot gives these clubs professional looking photos they can use on social media, gives them a value offering for their sponsors, but more importantly, provides players with invaluable memories.

Seeing social media comments when a player is used on our promotional material is great! This means amazing engagement on social media and exposing our game to even more people.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 8.56.06 am

Being able to watch the game live in front of you instead of through a camera lens, then finding those photos straight after is what GeoSnapShot does. It takes the pressure off you as an event organiser and your clubs to have someone dedicated each week to photography. 

It’s easy to use, no hassle, and it’s FREE to use as an Event Organiser- plus you can also fundraise through the sale of the photos.

Get your community involved, invite the photographers already doing great work to contribute to your image library and give them a bit extra cash.

Written By:
Stacey Speer – Gridiron NSW Marketing and Media