As restrictions are being lifted, community sports are now preparing to welcome back their players, coaches, referees and parents to the games.

We can feel the excitement across the community, however there will be government mandated protocols that sports clubs will need to follow, to keep players and the community safe, and things will be a little different this year. One thing that will jump out, is that games will be be played largely without a crowd.

As physical distancing measures are implemented, the question sports clubs are grappling with is how can they can stay connected with those who can't attend, and how can they fundraise without a crowd?

In recognition of this, GeoSnapShot is helping sports clubs to provide fundraising through new digital means, and to keep connected with the club community.

Using the GeoSnapShot platform, community sports of all sizes can:

  • Sell photos with the revenue going straight to the club.
  • Share photos with fans who can’t attend.
  • Store all the club photos in one secure place.

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