Do you find it hard to recruit players or fill committee positions? Do your club events get minimal attendance or are you having problems securing a sponsor?

Many clubs around Australia struggle with at least one of these.

Engaging with your club’s members and supporters is one of the best ways to make sure you have a sustainable program for the future.

Creating a culture within your club that promotes togetherness and the willingness for people to volunteer can start with something as simple as making sure your social media and website are on point.

Making sure your social media activities are focussed on the most important people in your club- the members- and making sure people who find you online see activity that is fresh and relevant to them.

Using images of players in promotional posts, sharing photos from games, tagging players, sponsors and other teams are sure-fire ways to increase the engagement from your members.

Strategies to increase your member engagement include:

Player of the Week awards – sponsored by X. Use photos from the game, insert yours and your sponsor logo and give the player a voucher (if your sponsor is a venue) to use afterwards.


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Highlights! Make sure there is someone allocated to photography and video to produce highlights and give players memories of the game!

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Promotional flyers
Using photos of players (with their permission of course) in promotional posters is a great way to make them feel a part of the club and create some great conversations on social media!

Photo competitions
Encourage your fans to vote on the best photos from that weekend! Most likes, comments or shares wins!

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Social media plays a massive part in creating the culture and improving recruitment numbers. Making an impact on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can mean repeat players who bring friends for the next year!

Struggling for volunteers or photographers for your event?

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