For years the ability for participants to find photos of themselves from sports events has been painful. Scrolling through thousands of photos is a chore and bib recognition doesn’t always work.

The holy grail of photo finding has been face recognition. GeoSnapShot is the first company to include face recognition for every event. Participants simply upload a selfie and see all their photos!

This means photos are found more easily, more photos are purchased (giving you a better revenue cut) and better promotion of your event on social media.

Other new features we’ve launched recently include:

Bib Recognition: automatic and instantaneous with no human delays.

Event Time: search by the time you were competing.

Public Liability Insurance: for every GeoSnapShot photographer (some condition apply).

Affiliate Partnerships: you earn money from every event you book with us or every photographer you introduce to us.

Embed our photo viewing on your event website (keeping people visiting your site).

Any photographer can use the GeoSnapShot platform to enhance their photo sales. If you’re a photographer register here.

Event managers can use their own photographers or request GeoSnapShot photographers for their event. Uploading to GeoSnapShot is easy. Want to know more or make a booking?

“GeoSnapShot is the worlds most advanced photography sales platform.”

About GeoSnapShot provides the most advanced photography platform globally. Any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. Event organisers can request talented local photographers to attend their events, or your existing event photographers can take photos and upload to one convenient online marketplace.