From your GeoSnapShot dashboard, you’re in the driver’s seat to create and customise your own GeoSnapShot Photo Gallery in minutes!

  • Choose your brand colours
  • Choose a hero banner image
  • Choose the cover image for each event

There are two ways you can drive buyers to your GeoSnapShot photo gallery:

Option 1: Share the 'quick link' to your photo gallery landing page

Maybe you don’t have a website - that’s no problem. You can quickly and easily share the link to your photo gallery landing page, via email, sms or social media to your buyers.

Option 2: Embed the photo gallery on your website

If you have a website, you’ll want to embed your GeoSnapShot photo gallery on it, to drive as many people as possible straight to your website.

Here's an example of the GeoSnapShot Photo Gallery embedded on an event website.

Embedding the photo gallery on your website creates a clear pathway for your clients or participants to find their photos and purchase. You want your buyers to take minimal steps to purchase their photos, or they may drop out before purchasing.

An additional benefit of embedding the photo gallery on your website, and driving people there, is it will increase your SEO (pushing you further up the search engine ladder).

Ok, embedding the photo gallery is best. How do I embed the photo gallery on my website?

Sounds complicated, but embedding the photo gallery on your website is as easy as uploading a YouTube video -- it’s a simple ‘copy and paste’ onto any web page!

Simply copy the code (the code is located in your GeoSnapShot account dashboard) and paste it on the desired web page (from the admin of your website).

You have FREE access to the new GeoSnapShot Photo Gallery features.

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