Store all your club photos in the one place, give your sponsors extra exposure, and fundraise without heavy lifting, all using photos taken of your club.

Using GeoSnapShot, you can easily create an online photo archive for your club, from which you can sell or share free photos, in minutes.

Start your Club Photo Archive easily and quickly.

Where do you get your club photos from?

Using GeoSnapShot, you can invite professional, amateur or mum & dad photographers to upload their photos, for your club to sell or share free to members.

Don't have any volunteer photographers?

No problem, GeoSnapShot has you covered! You can request GeoSnapShot photographers straight from your GeoSnapShot account.

Anyone can be your photographer. Or GeoSnapShot can help you find one.

Match your club colours, load a photo banner and embed the GeoSnapShot photo gallery on your club website. You can access the code from your GeoSnapShot account and paste it on the web page. It's as easy as uploading a YouTube video!

Selfie search for members

Members upload a selfie and the GeoSnapShot AI serves up all their photos from previous games, events and years, quickly and easily. Each member is given a FREE, never-to-be-deleted, personal online gallery to view their photos and share!

Share the photos free or sell the photos to fundraise.

Happy sponsors

Delight your sponsors by adding their logo, alongside your club logo, to thank them for their continued support.

Feature your club and sponsor logo on every photo.

Fundraising... without heavy lifting

Your club can choose to sell the photos to members as a fundraising drive. Your club can set the price and you can offer a discount for bulk purchases. The fundraising tallies up throughout the year, you'll be surprised how it adds up!

Members engaged, funds raised, happy sponsors – we have your club sorted!

  • All your club photos in one place
  • Fundraise without heavy lifting
  • Give sponsors extra exposure
  • Sell 3 photos per month (on average) and cover the cost

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