It’s a tough gig being an event organiser. The constant stream of emails, cancellations, and last minute changes that all effect how smoothly things run on the big day.


Any small but significant detail overlooked can be the difference between whether participants are raving or ranting on social media, and whether or not they plan to come back the next time.

Traditionally, photography at events has been either non-existent, a hassle to organise or seriously expensive.

But having photos of the participants really adds to the event. People share the photos on social media extending the life of the event and creating excitement about what they’ve achieved.


Having photos from the event also means you can stir up enthusiasm and support for your event next time around, increasing early registrations and volunteers.

But how do you get the photos in the first place!

GeoSnapShot provides a single solution where event organisers request any number of photographers to attend their event, free of charge.

Using GeoSnapShot automatically includes free photos to event organisers for PR purposes, event promotion, and we can even provide a revenue split from photos sold!

Best of all requesting photographers for your event takes 2 minutes and is absolutely free. Yes, really free!!

If that sounds awesome, simply request photographers for your event now from

So don’t overlook the opportunity to get great memories for your participants. They’ll share them with friends and come back again next time.