Before you go out for the day it’s great to double check you’ve got everything you’ll need. You only forget to take your camera body once (yep, I’ve done that) so we want you to learn from our experience.

Video: Packing your camera bag before a shoot

1. Make sure your battery is charged. We suggest that you have two fully charged batteries with you for any event.

2. Be aware of the background. Too much noise behind the focus could negatively impact the quality of your final image.

3. Check your Shutter Speed. High shutter (> 1/500) for a fast moving object. Only use slow shutter speeds for panning shots and to imply motion.

4. Be an active photographer. Remember to move around, changing your height and angle. Viewer satisfaction will increase with a wider variety of images.

5. Remember lighting. If shooting outside, take note of where the sun is and be aware of shadows.

6. Include faces. Audiences are more likely to enjoy images if their faces and emotions are visible in the action shot. People may not find images from behind to be as appealing.

7. Proximity is key. Make sure you are close enough to your subjects to take quality shots.

8. Evaluate the need for flash. When taking action shots, you will most likely not be close enough for the flash to have an impact. This feature could inhibit your ability to quickly take photos.

9. Tweak your focus. Single-point focusing does not require a “half press” to lock focus. So it allows you to photograph more actively and freely.

10. Have fun! Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and share your photos fast to maximise sales.


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