When you attend events it’s important to have a plan in place to take great photos that sell.

People want a great memory of their day. By practising and following these tips you’ll improve your photography and sell more photos!

1. Understand the sport. Start by researching great photos that others have taken. Understand what participants are looking for in the photo.


2. Packing for the day: Make sure you’ve packed everything for the day and that you understand how to set up your camera for different environments.

3. Zoom in. Be close enough to the action that people can recognise themselves in the photograph.

4. Prepare for moments of high emotion. Some examples of high emotion images are at starting lines, finish lines, jumps, and key points scored.

5. Photograph each person. Be sure to take a photo of every person participating, even if they are not a key player. Everyone wants a memory of their achievements.

BUCS taking photos of hurdles

6. Be aware of lighting & background. Be prepared to move around to get that perfect shot, in focus and without a busy background.

7. Question yourself. Always ask yourself “if this was me would I buy it?” the answer should always be yes!

8. Sell you photos: GeoSnapShot provides a unique website that enables any photographer to upload their photos for sale. The website is free to use, you don’t have to pay for hosting, you don’t have a create a website, a brand, a payment engine or worry about customer care. Simply upload and sell. You can be selling photos in 5 minutes.

9. Promote your photos: Not sharing your great photos with the participants is a crime! See our video on how to promote your photos for sale.

10. Getting paid: This is the good bit! GeoSnapShot is a unique photography platform. They look after all the customer pay and payment systems. You simply review your sales and when ready push the “Pay me now” button! You’ll be paid via bank transfer or PayPal within 48 hours.

Video extra: Webinar videos “Taking photos that sell”

GeoSnapShot.com provides a global mass community-based photography platform where any photographer can upload and share or sell their photos. using GeoSnapShot people that run events can request talented local photographers to attend their events and provide them for sale one convenient online marketplace.

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