Have you ever come close to starting your own photography business......

But when you think of all the things involved in making that a reality it just becomes completely overwhelming.....

Like who really has the time to find a domain name, build a website, buy insurance, organise business cards....
(the list goes on)

Even if you do have or have achieved some of these things

(good work by the way)

How do you bring all these things together in a meaningful and profitable way.

Like who is helping you.

Not that you need help but its nice sometimes not to have to do everything by yourself. To kind of share the responsibility with others and experience success together.

To be honest, unfortunately as people it kind of sucks that sometimes we are just not great at everything!

(even though I like to believe I am)

All jokes aside we all need a little help to follow our passions and achieve our dreams.

As photographers and creatives we need to be a “jack of all trades”. Finding clients, marketing ourselves, using technology, developing efficient work flow..... and on and on, I'm sure you know where i'm going with this.

Doing all these extra things that we "are told" we need to do to make our photography work. Which leaves little to no time for doing what we really love, like actually taking photos.

What I want for you is to genuinely provide help.

I've been part of GeoSnapShot for over 3 years now.

One of the things I love to hear is that someones passion for photography has been reignited.

You don't need to take my word for it just ask Rodney who has been doing photography for 20+ years.

Or Tracie

I've spoken to many others as well over the years. Listening to their challenges and helping them again do what they love.

Through this I have come to see certain patterns or what I call photography roadblocks. These roadblocks stop (very talented) photographers from moving forward and pursuing their photography.

So instead of assuming that I know what your particular challenge is, what I’d like to do is ask questions that can help me determine where I may be of most value.

It's important to become more aware of what may be holding you back from taking that next important step.

I'm not saying that the next step is the only step that you need to take (I wish). But unless you do choose to take another step then we will never see where this may potentially lead. (just saying)

So if you’re as curious as me and like to take risks, (we can chat more about that later) then this is a path that I don't think you'll regret. Full of learning and challenges.

But isn't that what life's all about anyway!

Well I hope you choose to jump in the deep end with me.

Sarah "jump in the deep end" Stambolieff

PS: I love the movie Matrix

You know the part when Morpheus asks Neo whether he is willing to take the red or the blue pill....

For more mind blowing insights why don’t you just click the button and see how far this rabbit hole really goes.

I choose the red pill