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Upload your archived photos

We’ve all got an archive of photos. GeoSnapShot enables you to quickly and easily share or sell these photos, giving people access to past memories of their lives.

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Powering your photography

Whether you take photos for pleasure or run a photography business. We provide a subscription free platform to quickly and easily share or sell your photos.

There is no need to pay monthly fees, become a technology expert or provide customer service. Promote your photos with a single link or embed GeoSnapShot's photo viewer into your website.

You keep taking the photos and we’ll keep providing the best photography platform.

We support all photographers


Clubs, Societies, Schools, Fundraisers


Share or Sell your photos quickly and easily


Advanced technology and business features for individuals or agencies

Join us As a photographer

A free to use platform for photographers

We only make money when you make money

We work off a standard photo sales split of 70% to photographers and 30% to GeoSnapShot. There are no subscriptions fees

Upload Photos

  • Upload your archive photos
  • Photograph your own events
  • Find events to attend on GeoSnapShot
  • No photo upload limits
  • All photos automatically bib and face recognised
  • Fast uploading from anywhere in the world
  • Invite multiple photographers to upload to a single event
  • Safe and Secure storage
  • Add password protection to your photos

Promote photos

  • Single link to promote all photos from your event
  • Embed photo viewer into your website
  • Photo purchase bulk discounts available
  • Create and share your personal profile page
  • Choose to share for free or sell your photos
  • Watermark photos preventing screen copying
  • Burn on branding and sponsor logos

Sell or share photos

  • You set the price of your photos
  • Request your payouts anytime
  • Payment made to your bank account or PayPal within three business days
  • View sales analysis from each event
  • Standard 70% of photos sales to photographers, 30% to GeoSnapShot
  • Fundraise through photography by donating photo revenue to the event or charity
  • Offer discounts to buyers for multiple purchases
  • Unique technology to zoom through watermark to prevent screen copying

Want More?

  • Website available in 100 languages 44 currencies
  • Free Public Liability Insurance for photographers (Exclusions apply. Please contact us for more information).
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • Full customer support for you and your customers
  • Event brand, sponsorship and advertising options
  • Create & manage your team of photographers
  • Affiliate opportunities if you have a large network of events or photographers
  • Special rates for professional photography companies and agencies Contact us

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  • Unlimited photo storage
  • No registration fee
  • Sell archived photos
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