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Our mission for schools

At GeoSnapShot, we believe memories of all school events should be recorded in a safe and secure manner. In addition, we believe in giving the lost hours back to school administrators who manage the school photography.

Our platform provides an unparalleled parent experience and engages the school community through school photography. Making sure that our children’s achievements at schools are available as wonderful memories to cherish and are available for families and carers in an easy and safe to distribute manner.

Reclaim hours in lost photo administration time

We want to save you time. With the power of GeoSnapShot you can reclaim your hours lost in photo administration. We provide instant photo removal, easy quick link distribution, fast drag and drop uploads, and much more!

Instantly remove photos of children under special circumstances

Absolute peace of mind. The safety and security of student photos on our platform is our number one priority. Instantly remove photos of children who cannot be shown giving School Administrators full control.

Engaging parent experience

Parents can instantly find all the photos of their children. Without the need for school administrators to spend hours tagging photos.

Keep student data private

GeoSnapShot does not store any student identifying information such as names or ID numbers on its servers to preserve student privacy. This is yet another layer of how GeoSnapShot ensures student safety and security.

Perfect for fundraising

Whether it’s for charity or upgrading school facilties, GeoSnapShot provides the perfect way to sell your photos quickly and easily directly from your school gallery.

Seamless integration with exisiting platforms

Through our custom APIs the GeoSnapShot platform can be seamlessly intergrated with your exisitng school platforms for a simple all in one solution.

Better photo management starts here

Our School Story

Knox engages its own photographers to take photos at a number of school events such as musical performances, sport and presentation days. The photos are then easily made available to parents via GeoSnapShot.

As a school, privacy is important so we password protect all the albums and then make the passwords available via the school’s portal (intranet) which is accessible to students and parents via individual login. We then promote the availability of new photos via our school newsletter and app.

We like the ease of creating events and albums while the ability to see sales and which photos are selling is great. Additionally, Knox recently hosted the Australian Pipe Band National Championships which is an open event and our student Tech Crew were the event photographers. The boys enjoyed the photography and are very excited to see the sales come through GeoSnapShot.

Thank you again for getting us started.

Janet Naylon

Publications Manager | Knox Grammar School

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